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The “I dare you” collection. Now available, exclusively at Store 69

Being Store 69 has many advantages… They are the lucky first to launch the Gold Bandits “I dare you” collection. This new collection consists of three […]

Unique 3D display

GoldBandits opts for unique display at its stores in The Netherlands. The ‘GUN’ from the first basic collection literally served as a model for the over-dimensional […]

Handgranate dangerous? Why?

Wear a handgranate safe with the Dutch & Bold Handgranate Charm of GoldBandits. #sneakpreview #newcollection #launch #autumn2018 #18kt #jewelry News items; Hand grenades found in The […]

Internationale primeur voor Kadoes Conceptstore in Doesburg

Bron: Doesburgdirect.nl Kadoes Conceptstore in Doesburg is de eerste winkel in de Benelux die het nieuwe sieradenmerk GoldBandits opneemt in haar assortiment. Zaterdag 2 juni is […]

Gold Bandits lanceert nieuwe collectie

Kadoes Conceptstore in Doesburg kreeg de eer de allereerste te zijn met de nieuwe collectie van GoldBandits. Deze collectie zal maar in 69 stores verkrijgbaar zijn. Een exclusieve collectie dus.  De collectie […]

You are invited!

The launch of GoldBandits | Store 69 Kadoes Conceptstore Meipoortstraat 18 – Doesburg 2 juni 13:00 – 16:00 Drinks, fingerfood, your smiles & our Jewels BE […]

Baselworld The Show

BaselWorld is like a little world inside of the Swiss city of Basel. You must be there ones a year when the world’s most important watch […]

Store 69!

The first (store 69) GoldBandits dealer is Kadoes Conceptstore in Doesburg. Marianne who is the owner of the store, absolutely loves the brand and the bracelets. […]

The launch!

A new jewellerybrand; our own brand…..and are we proud of it! We prepared for months…..then, finally…..the launch on March 4th at the ‘Out of the Box’ […]

Out of the Box fair

On Sundaynight, Just G will announce the new brand GoldBandits with a big and extraordinary launch at the fair ‘Out of the Box’ in Utrecht! It […]
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